Will Doughty

Will Doughty


With Grace Winner Victoria TX Indie Film Festival

Winner Best Comedy Short

With Grace

What an honor!  Will Doughty, Director, brings a terminally touching comedy to life. With Grace is the Winner for Best Comedy at the 2017 Victoria TX Indie Film Festival.  This is a huge rush for Will Doughty. Directing is a newer hat that his is wearing, and it fits likes a glove. Yep. That quirky wit reflects wonderfully in the film. Will fell in love with the script and knew all of his training and previous work would help him make this tale thrive.  Want to see more of Will Doughty Directing?  Click HERE

With Grace is tender, sweet, goofy and rewarding. It was truly a labor of love to make this film and Will Doughty is so grateful to Michael Maize and Christine Ostrander for bringing him on board.  Of course, it was also a thrill to work with the one and only, Sandy Martin (Napoleon Dynamite) more festivals on the way!

With Grace Poster_Winner
With Grace poster with Winner Laurels