Will Doughty

Will Doughty


U.C.B. Presents: Lilan and Wilders’s BEST DAY EVER

Best Day Ever UCB pic

Will Doughty had the joy of working with two talented writer/performers Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith.  Best Day Ever had a multiple show run at the famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA.  Best Day Ever went on to be a selected show for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin Texas. Will Doughty Traveled with Lilan and Wilder to make an encore performance in the festival.

Will Doughty Beer Promoter Horror style

Will Doughty as the Horror Film Beer Promoter


Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith
Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith
Will Doughty and Wilder Smith in first fist fight
Will Doughty and Wilder Smith get into their first fist fight! Carpe Diem.






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