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With Grace Winner Victoria TX Indie Film Festival

With Grace What an honor!  Will Doughty, Director, brings a terminally touching comedy to life. With Grace is the Winner for Best Comedy at the 2017 Victoria TX Indie Film Festival.  This is a huge rush for Will Doughty. Directing is a newer hat that his is wearing, and it[…]

Close & Go: Spiritual freedom through Dance

Will Doughty was Writer/Director of the short Close & Go: “Spiritual freedom through Dance”.  A Mockumentary that exposes a dance studio that takes the phrase “Dance like no one is watching” literally. Clients abuse their privileges inside and out of the studio. One daring director exposes it all in this[…]

Fiji for Sight Fundraiser

Will Doughty wrote this PSA/Commercial for Fiji for Sight. The Non-Profit company, Beeve Foundation, Champions a great cause. Eye doctors travel to Fiji once a year to perform FREE eye surgery to those who are in need.  Will Doughty only suffers from near-sightedness, so he understands the gift of good[…]

Five Fingers Media

Five Fingers Media is a complete in-house production company dedicated to exploring and expressing unique and honest stories through various mediums of filmmaking, while fostering a tightly knit group of interested professionals. Established in 2010 We have created and produced several Short films and other forms of media. Photography, Multi-media[…]