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Comedy Reel 2017

Comedy Reel Faster Louder Funnier!  That was what they told you back in the day. Here is a sampler platter of Will Doughty doing what Will Doughty loves most. Ever since High school, where Will Doughty was shot and died and remained in the audience the entire first act of[…]

Sci-Fi Short Illusion at Phoenix Comicon

Sci-fi short at Phoenix Comicon 2017 The Phoenix Comicon will host the Sci-fi Short “Illusion” this year. YES! This is the best. Will Doughty has been watching Sci-fi movies for years, loves superheros and has always wanted to get “Beamed up”.  Dreams come true as Will Doughty stars in Illusion.[…]

Picked Up! Pilot Presentation

If “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” where set in a Television Casting Office, it would look a bit like pilot, Picked Up. Will Doughty stars as Rodge Buckner and channels his inner Michael Scott, as a recent Emmy Award winning casting director who’s process is a bit unorthodox. Picked[…]

Quit Scene

This Quit scene is at the beginning of the film. The short was an official selection of the 2015 Los Angeles Film & Script Festival. Will Doughty had the honor to work with director Elizabeth Gorcey and creator Michael Perl on this project. Will Doughty portrays a paranoid computer geek with[…]

The Glamour of it All

Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun at the BGB Studio produced a series of short films.  Watch Will Doughty prove that “acting is reacting” AND how challenging it is to “make it” as a woman in Hollywood.

Masters of Sex Season 2

Will Doughty played a former “John” of Betty DiMello (Annaleigh Ashford). Very excited to work with Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) as well. Enjoy this quick clip from season 2 premiere of Showtime’s Masters of Sex

Screwed on Netflix

You can see Screwed on Netflix. Punching Bees Productions brought this wacky, sex driven, Rom-Com to life. Will Doughty plays the owner of a doggie day spa, The “Ritz Howlton”. His character is addicted to dogs, like for real. Especially the way they smell. Enjoy this clip from Screwed.

Close & Go: Spiritual freedom through Dance

Will Doughty was Writer/Director of the short Close & Go: “Spiritual freedom through Dance”.  A Mockumentary that exposes a dance studio that takes the phrase “Dance like no one is watching” literally. Clients abuse their privileges inside and out of the studio. One daring director exposes it all in this[…]

I’m Bad at Everything Music Video

Will Doughty joined James Alario (creator, director, and DP for the Jimmy Kimmel Live) on this project. Will Doughty wrote the music and also performed the song for reals.  A sad story/musical about one man who just can’t get it right. The full length video is here: I’m Bad at Everything[…]

DirecTV commercial

This is the DirecTV commercial that ran nationally to kick off the “better than cable” campaign. It was such a great experience. The best day was, of course, arm wrestling three men at once… and WINNING! Enjoy.