Will Doughty

Will Doughty


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Baby Business

Will Doughty stars in this short film about pitching to a company that has been handed down to the younger generation… MUCH younger!  Enjoy this short clip from the film.    

Five Fingers Media

Five Fingers Media is a complete in-house production company dedicated to exploring and expressing unique and honest stories through various mediums of filmmaking, while fostering a tightly knit group of interested professionals. Established in 2010 We have created and produced several Short films and other forms of media. Photography, Multi-media[…]

The Adventures of Tape Man

One of our first 5 projects from FiveFingersMedia.com  A production company that is dedicated to helping build a community of creative artists and film makers.  I am the Not-So-Helpful boyfriend, Skeeter, who is mesmerized by the magic of a Tape Man who is and expert in, of all things, TAPE.[…]