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The 12th Annual SF Sketchfest with CREAM

Will Doughty traveled to San Francisco in February 2013 to perform with CREAM Sketch comedy in their live show at the 12th annual SF Sketchfest.  Will Doughty has been a guest performer with CREAM for the past 5 years.      

I’m Bad at Everything Music Video

Will Doughty joined James Alario (creator, director, and DP for the Jimmy Kimmel Live) on this project. Will Doughty wrote the music and also performed the song for reals.  A sad story/musical about one man who just can’t get it right. The full length video is here: I’m Bad at Everything[…]

U.C.B. Presents: Lilan and Wilders’s BEST DAY EVER

Will Doughty had the joy of working with two talented writer/performers Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith.  Best Day Ever had a multiple show run at the famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA.  Best Day Ever went on to be a selected show for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in[…]

Cinequest Film Festival official selection Leave of Absence

Will Doughty was fortunate to work on a Cinequest Film Festival official selection, “Leave of Abscence“. Writer/Producer Jason Thompson and Director/Producer Jeff Purgh bring you a touching comedy about finding what matters most after you leave your job. You can watch Leave of Abscence on VHX.TV! Click Here

DirecTV commercial

This is the DirecTV commercial that ran nationally to kick off the “better than cable” campaign. It was such a great experience. The best day was, of course, arm wrestling three men at once… and WINNING! Enjoy.

Baby Business

Will Doughty stars in this short film about pitching to a company that has been handed down to the younger generation… MUCH younger!  Enjoy this short clip from the film.    

Five Fingers Media

Five Fingers Media is a complete in-house production company dedicated to exploring and expressing unique and honest stories through various mediums of filmmaking, while fostering a tightly knit group of interested professionals. Established in 2010 We have created and produced several Short films and other forms of media. Photography, Multi-media[…]

The Adventures of Tape Man

One of our first 5 projects from FiveFingersMedia.com  A production company that is dedicated to helping build a community of creative artists and film makers.  I am the Not-So-Helpful boyfriend, Skeeter, who is mesmerized by the magic of a Tape Man who is and expert in, of all things, TAPE.[…]